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I have only been able to find a headset that measures 1-5/16" on the small end of the bearing cup that goes into the headtube on the bike. All of the bearing cups I've found are 1-3/4" on the large end and take a large diameter bearing. The headset bearing cups I have 1-5/16" bearing cup o.d. but the large end measures 1-5/8". Where do I find a headset like that?

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What bike are you looking to replace the headset on? Are you positive you are measuring correctly? – Tha Riddla Jul 3 '12 at 1:02
This question may be similar and has details about how to measure… – Gary.Ray Jul 3 '12 at 3:32

Cane creek has a headset finder table on their website. You can search by dimension or bike brand and model.

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