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I just fixed my first puncture on a recently bought Hardrock (Evans)and discovered that the rear hanger is not attached to the frame. This made refitting the wheel a bit of a struggle.

There is a hole through locating stud so should it have a bolt going through it?


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It is not a bolt but specific derailleur hanger hardware. It was probable loose and fell off. Your LBS should be able to supply you with a new one. – mikes Jul 17 '12 at 1:20
You'll need a Specialized dealer to order this part, most likely. The derailer hangar I ordered for my Stumpjumper was very inexpensive. :) – Neil Fein Jul 24 '12 at 0:41

If the hanger is still attached, there are two possible attachment options:

  1. The most common - a chainring bolt
  2. Two smaller bolts, often counter-sunk (I can't recall exactly, but it's not important)

With either option, it's still a standard part, something your LBS should have on hand.

Also, if the bike was purchased recently, the bolt that fell off the hanger is not caused due to an issue you caused, and should be covered for free (at the very least the labor should be covered).

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