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I came across the following issue - 'Nike' Hindsight concept glasses increase peripheral vision.

By the time of its publishing, these glasses were only a concept. My Question: is there a similar real working product in production?

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The Hindsight glasses include fresnel lenses that widen the peripheral field, at the cost of increased distortion. As stated in the article, this is a design concept, so there's no guarantee it will ever make it to market. And although it's a neat idea, it would take a lot of testing to determine whether the tradeoffs are worth it for enough people.

This isn't the only example of fresnel glasses being used in eyewear. Peripheral prism glasses have been used in research for how to improve the vision of patients with hemianopia (blindness in half of the visual field), but although this is a related concept, it requires a completely different design.

In summary, no, fresnel lenses to extend peripheral vision are not readily available in cycling glasses.

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