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I have older Campagnolo Chorus 10-speed shifters. They are marked 'Carbon BB System'.

I am replacing my front derailleur and have a spare 10-speed Record QS front derailleur. QS stands for Quick Shift. I understand that the QS system changes the ratio that operates the derailleur.

Will an older non-QS lever work with a QS front derailleur?

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In short the answer is Yes.

From the installation & maintenance manual

The new QS Ergopower controls provide for fast operation and a lower shifting force if used with the new QS front derailleurs.

The QS Ergopower controls and the QS front derailleurs can also be used with non-QS Ergopower controls and front derailleurs. However in this case please note that:

  • QS Ergopower controls with non-QS front derailleurs could require a higher force to effect shifting.
  • Non-QS Ergopower controls with QS front derailleurs will require at least two lever movements to effect shifting.
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