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I have a handful of rusty screws on my bike; where can I find such small parts? rusty handlebar boltsrusty stem bolts

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Most bike screws are 4, 5, or 6 mm allen bolts. Any bike shop will also have these in stock. You could probably hunt up some stuff in your local hardware store, just bring your bike along.

On the net:

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Bike shops usually carry even the most obscure screws. It's a good thing to get to know your local bike shop and be "friendly" with its staff, when you're missing small parts like that (a screw or two, or small replaceable parts from the derailleur let's say) they might even give it to you.

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Those are called stem bolts. I'm not sure what size those are, but all bmx stems use the same sized bolts and you can get a new set of 6 for under $10 at your local(online) bike shop.

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