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I have a Victory VEGASJACKPOT bike with cable disk brakes, and I need to loosen my cable tension. How do you do this? I've already done it all the way on the screw/knob by the brake lever. Thanks!

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I got the following from this website, and if you go to the website there are pictures as well.

On the actual brake, loosen the caliper fixing bolts with an allen key, both top and bottom. Once you do that feed the cable through the brake caliper from the barrel adjuster at the top of the caliper through the fixing bolt at the bottom, and once you have achieved the correct tension then fix it down by tightening the bolt with an allen key. The next step is to squeeze the relevant lever whilst jiggling the caliper sideways in order to help it find its best seated position. Once you have done this, and keeping the relevant lever squeezed, you can now tighten the top and bottom caliper fixing bolts. After this, you will need to back up the inner dial (fixed pad) a couple of clicks before ending up with the brake pad in the middle of the caliper.

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