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I'm in the process of stripping a SWB Claud Butler tandem so I can get it repainted. There are a couple of things I need help with....

a) Can you fit a front mech to the bike, and if so, are there any "gotchas" to avoid, or limits as to chainring size ? I've currently got a 9-speed cassette with long cage mech on the back, and we'd like the bike to be 18-speed if possible....

b) What size is the eccentric cam for front chainset ? Current one is looking like it's seen some (ab)use over the years, so may need replacing. Is there a standard size for these ?

BTW, I'm trying to get it nice and tidy for racing... well it IS what it was designed for...


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peterverdone.com/wiki/… describes some common eccentric BB sizes, and how to shim one that isn't quite right. Not a proper answer, but might help if you don't get one. –  armb Jan 29 '13 at 13:52

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