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I have converted a mountain bike to a commuter. the frame accommodated 27 " wheels, so I installed for a better ride. I have a road carbon kinesis fork up front with a v-brake, but need a rear brakeset.

The boss positions for the rear brakes, however, are too low on the seat stays for a standard set of v brakes to properly contact the rim.

Is there a brake that is long enough to contact a 27" rim when installed on a 26" mountain bike frame?

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That's quite a bit of difference. My guess is that if the brakes did reach that far, the extra length would cause the arms of the brakes to flex quite a bit every time you applied them. – jimirings Feb 18 '13 at 5:07

I have not tried, but at Paul Components say these Moto BMX brakes might work with 700c rims on 26" frames. But they might turn out to be too expensive for your purpose.

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I assume you mean 700c (622mm), not the obsolete 27" (630mm) size.

You could try the "WHEEL V BRAKE EXTENDER" from or a similar idea from Lite_pro

Personally, I'm not very convinced by them, but I haven't tried them. The Paul Moto BMX are probably a safer idea. (These also look as if they allow more adjustment than standard V brakes, but it might not be enough.)

If you do use something like the Paul Moto, you might want levers designed for old-style cantilevers, because the mechanical advantage will be very different from a standard V-brake setup. (Edit: scratch that, Paul's instructions say use brakes designed for direct-pull (i.e. V-brakes).)

Edit: A couple more adapters that look a bit better designed to me:

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Also, you could consider using a caliper brake, assuming you've got relatively thin tyres now and if there's a brake bridge with a mounting hole. But since you've got V's in the front, that would mean mismatched levers, as well as the now unused bosses looking untidy. – armb Feb 19 '13 at 10:23
Yet another one: – armb Apr 3 '13 at 12:35

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