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Does anybody know what the bumpy part near the threads of this pedal are for? They look like they might fit a special wrench, but I can't find any that would fit.


I feel like I must be missing something, and that I've seen these bumps around, but never understood their purpose.

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The 'official' tool that engages with that bumpy collar is the Shimano TL-PD-40 bearing shaft removal tool. It's a plastic tool designed to be used with a larger wrench, or a vice. Here's a pic: TL-PD-40

If you're interested in servicing your pedals using this tool and others, here's a how-to from Park Tool:

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The bumpy part unscrews. That's how you get to the bearings, I believe. They make special tools that fit over it - if you can't find that, and you don't care about the bumpy part looking pretty, you can just use pliers.

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