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I have recently started hitting my local velodrome in Herne Hill and it's great fun. I notice the majority of experienced riders use road pedals such as Look or SPD-SL. The rental bikes just have toe-clips and straps but I, among others, bring along my own pedals which are SPD which work fine.

I noticed when watching the Olympics and other pro velodrome events that the riders appear to have straps on their pedals. What system are they using? Does it combine a road pedal with a strap for extra stiffness or is it a secret custom-made system?

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It's as you suggest, a combination of a standard road cleat and straps as a 'belt and braces' approach.

A quick google showed some packages of both sold together

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From experience, (being an amateur seeing pros at events) a lot of people use Speedplays for better pedal clearance. You can also do something slick like this to create a clip/cleat combination.

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