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I have Giant Defy 3 2012 and I want change handlebar from drop down to straight. I wonder if I can use Shimano Alivio M430 3-9 shifters with my front and rear Sora derailler. Thanks for advice

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Don't know if it helps,... but I use Sora shifters for Alivio rear derailleur (switched bars from straight to drops).

So I would think they are compatible.

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If you have a triple front chainring, then you will probably need to change the front derailleur. But looking at the Giant specs, it shows a double, so you might be able to get away with relying on the end stops (and worst case using two clicks on a shifter designed for three rings).

"Although rear indexing is consistent within a brand, Shimano's front indexing is different between their so-called "road" and "mountain" lines. Here's what that means in practice:

  • Shifters for drop ("road") handlebars only index properly with "road" front derailers.
  • Shifters for upright ("mountain") handlebars only index properly with "mountain" front derailers."
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