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In general there are:

  • High clamp
  • Low clamp
  • Braze on
  • Top pull
  • Bottom pull

And in particular, is any of those better choice regarding reliability and durability for touring bicycle.

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I don't have a proper answer, but I have been a kind of Bike Dr Frankenstein, and have assembled numerous front derailleurs to bikes they shouldn't fit, even converted or adapted bottom pull to top pull and vice versa. And as a conclusion, Once fully adjusted, they work just as fine. Is it worth the hassle and the time? Depends on your objectives, but mostly not. If it is a straight fit to your bike, it should work, provided that it is designed for the number and size of chainrings. – Jahaziel May 11 '13 at 15:15
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Touring → fenders. So, you need enough space for the rear fender. That's why a bottom-pull design is preferred. Most of the touring bikes designed to use this type of derailleurs. About high clamp/low clamp/braze on — this is frame-specific.

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