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I recently had a rim failure, my LBS is offering me a ceramic rim.

Assuming I go for that; I currently have KoolStop salmon brake shoes. I see they make those in green specially for ceramics.

Can I keep my salmon shoes and get a set of greens for next shoe-change? or do I need to get the green asap?

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I was wondering how one could really make a rim out of ceramic, but from reading up a bit, it seems just the braking surface is ceramic, not the entire rim. – Kibbee May 30 '13 at 14:06

I have not done this myself but from what I've gathered it should be fine. The green pads are likely harder so they last longer and/or less likely to "gum up" the rim. Running the wrong pads with ceramic rims- which are especially hard- isn't like running the wrong pads on carbon rims- which are especially soft.

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