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In the UK I have never seen a public bus system that allows you to take a (non-folding) bike on the bus. (There are long distance coaches that do allow bikes, however I am asking about local busses.)

I know that some other places have buses with bike racks.

  • Where are the buses that have bike racks?
  • How common is it for buses to have bike racks?

In summary:

On some UK buses you may be able to put a single bike in the wheelchair space, ask the driver nicely.

In the US there seems to be lots of buses with bike racks on the front or back. Mostly these racks can take no more than two bikes. I was not expecting the land of the car too have better provision then the UK!

No where can you depend on being able to put your bike on a bus (due to lack of space).

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Why take a local bus when you have a bike? –  jilles de wit Oct 16 '10 at 23:04
@jillesdewit to get to your LBS with a broken bike! –  dieKleene Sep 27 '13 at 18:28

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Dayton, Ohio

RTA in Dayton and surrounding communities have bike racks on the front of the busses. However, they only hold 2 bikes and require the rider to fold and unfold the rack as needed.

However, with the Miami Valley Bike Trails and the spirit of the Wright Brothers, you don't really need RTA to get to most places.

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Local trains

On Deutsche Bahn, local trains ("Nahverkehrszüge") usually carry bikes. Many trains have special open areas for big objects like prams, bicycles and wheelchairs ("Mehrzweckabteil"); in others bicycles may be put into the corridors. Sometimes bikes are not allowed during peak times, like weekday morning and afternoon; this depends on operator and type of train. You may be denied boarding if there is not enough space for the bike(s); this is not unlikely to happen for larger groups, during peak times and on trains with little space.

Long-distance trains

On long-distance trains, bicycles are only allowed with a reservation, and only on trains which have bicycle compartments (which most do not have).

Buses, trams and subways

Again this depends on the region and operator. Usually bikes are only allowed outside peak times, and only one or two bikes per bus/carriage, because of space restrictions.

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Dresden, Germany

Public transport is great for bikes here. You can take your bike on any bus, train, or tram. However, you do have to purchase a concession ticket for the bike.

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In Toronto, buses have a fold-down rack on the front (outside) which will fit two bikes.

The racks are usually empty.

I've used them occasionally (e.g. for a flat tire).

You can takes bikes into the subway ("Underground") system too, but not during weekday rush-hours (06:30-09:30 and 15:30-18:30).

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