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First time posting here for bikes. I have an old wally world free xr-150. It was my favorite bike as a kid when it was all about fun. It's been sitting around for many years. No real rust or tarnish. I know its not a posh riding bike, however I like it and don't feel like buying a new one. That being said it needs a new chain as far as I can tell, as one of the links are rusted. I won't know much else until I got out and take it for a spin. Without a manual I'm going with experience and dumb luck figuring out what it needs. Anyone have any info as to anything specific I need chain wise? Was just going to buy a multi-speed chain of the correct length for a replacement.

Also, any immediate things I should upgrade? Like I said as a kid it never presented me with any issues, broken parts, etc. Maybe one of the few non-lemons out there. Just looking forward to keeping it in shape and many more years of use. I know there are a lot of new parts out there and just trying to wrap my head around what I should upgrade it with and why.

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First off, check the brakes, if they are working, take it for a ride and make a list of things you notice. Even with a rusted link it might still work. I have a 20 yr old Huffy MTB with the original chain and it still works (although it has other issues).

When getting a new chain, you should get a new freewheel (I'm assuming) as well. They are easy DIY, pop the back wheel off and take into your local shop and tell them "I need a chain, a new one of these, and the tool to remove it". I did that same thing for my current bike and it took longer to ring me out. When re-installing the freewheel, I advise putting some grease on it. they are self tightening and hopefully the grease will make it easier to come off later.

Other things to consider:

  1. Tires
  2. Tubes
  3. Wheel truing (our smaller selves loved to inflict pain on bike wheels)
  4. Brake shoes

Check with the local shop about getting their opinion and a tune up.

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