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I have an extra 10-speed chain I would like to use with a 9-speed cassette on my mountain bike. Will this combination work ok?

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I've never tried this. I have tried a 10-speed chain on an 8-speed sprocket, and it was pretty fucky. The width of a 9-speed chain is 6.6 - 6.8mm, and a 10-speed is 6.2. It's not a small difference. I suspect that your shifting will be wonky. – user973810 Jul 29 '13 at 2:36
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The 10 speed chain is narrower and will work. Not ideal and the shifting might not be as crisp.

Since you have an extra chain you can use it, but if purchasing new I would get a 9 speed chain.

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Yep. The order of compatibility is 11 speed chain with a 10 speed crankset with a 11 speed cassette works. Everything else works with a higher number of speed will work into a lower speed crankset/cassette. 10 ->9,8, 9->8 – B Team Jul 7 at 13:22

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