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I have a Dahon Vittese D7 HG, bought in Perú 1 year ago, my handlepost hinge begins to sound like crack , then I supposed that it could be because the friction between steel parts, and adjustment on my handlepost. I had the great idea to put a thinner rubber on the joint press.

Now, I am feeling some movements in my handlepost pivot point (please see photo).dahon d7hg handlepost hinge pivot point Could it be normal? I dont remember that, because after the rubber, I feel totally silence in my bike.

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Please review the following two references as it possibly your D7 may be fall within the questionable Dahon models:


(Dahon enthusiasts have a blog as well that may be accessed through the manufacturer's website and is useful for service tips as well.)

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Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear of your issue. You can take the bike to any local dealer for assistance, contact Dahon Peru for stores. If bought last year it is not likely to be affected by the recall, but if you are worried please email your serial number to and we will check. Thanks! Willow

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