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Is this Koolstop Road Pad Holder and Brake Pad Set compatible for folding bike ? My bike is using Dahon Speed P8.

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According to your bike has direct pull (a.k.a V-brakes). Your brake shoes should have threaded studs with spherical washers. There isn't really a point in getting a set with a holder given how often brakes on a folder would have to be replaced and the price difference, but Kool Stop does make V brake refills and holders.

You need the Kool Stop Mountain (a.k.a bmx) threaded salmon's or threaded thinlines ( or The ones you linked will not fit (they are for caliper brakes).

The threaded thinlines may be a better option since they give a bit more room (they're a bit thinner).

Since you asked this question, some help with installing the brake pads may be useful: (And the back of the package the brakes come from)

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