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I live in a place with fairly cold winters. I took my bike to the LBS the other day to get a little help thawing out and relubing a cold-stuck brake cable. (It had rained the day before; I really should have known better.) The mechanic told me to watch my Alfine 11 internal gear hub for sluggishness, and if I notice any, to bring the bike in to have the grease replaced with a lighter oil.

Anybody done this who can speak to the pros and cons?

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That's not bad advice, but I thought Alfine hubs were oil-lubricated anyway. In any event, geared hubs should be lubricated with a light synthetic oil, and overhauled once or twice a year depending on mileage. Here's a very helpful post on the matter. –  headeronly Jul 1 at 7:55

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