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Sometimes, when patching a tube, the newly placed patch will peel off when removing the backing. Sometimes I have this problem and sometime I don't and I'm not sure what the difference is. Is it the age of the glue/solvent? Not sanding enough? The temperature? The amount of time I'm waiting for the glue to dry?

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I've found that the amount of time I let the glue dry makes the biggest difference. It really needs to get from "wet" to "tacky" to work best. Scraping the tube and the glue brand make a bit of difference too.

If the patch seems relatively well stuck, but comes up when you try to take the backing off, just leave the backing on; it won't hurt anything.

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I've read elsewhere that it helps to shorten the drying time by smearing/flattening the glue with a 'clean' finger. – Jim Fred Dec 16 '13 at 20:14

One critical step that's often missed is thoroughly bedding the patch. After installing it (I prefer the glue to not be totally dry but with a few specks of "damp" yet) but before removing the plastic backing you take something like a smooth-ended tire iron and rub it slowly back and forth across the patch, pressing hard. This assures that the patch, tube, and glue have fused together.

Then leave the plastic backing on, as it helps prevent the patch from sticking to the inside of the tire.

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When at home, I use a wood clamp to apply pressure to the patch - and then leave it overnight. That always works but is not practical on a ride. – Jim Fred Dec 16 '13 at 20:27

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