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I have a pair of Shimano FH-2200 front and rear hubs lying around which I no longer use and I would like to save money by using them for a wheel build but am unsure whether they would be up to the rigors of Cyclocross racing?

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Yes, I would suspect they are just fine. These are relatively inexpensive when new, and require little maintenance if broken down and lubed once in a while.

What really matters in cyclocross is the number of spoke holes and flange geometry of the hub. I just did a quick google and found FH-2200 hubs have beefy flanges and 36 spoke holes. I was not able to find any other configuration.

I've more often than not found wheel failures at the spoke junctions (hub, rim) or the rim itself. I've very rarely seen a hub fail that has been properly maintained.

So, my answer is this: they should be fine. Lace them up in a 3x pattern with a decent rim and enjoy some cyclocross!

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Another issue with hub strength is the lacing pattern. Radial lacing places serious strains on the flanges and can cause them to fail, whereas it's just about impossible for a flange to fail if laced 3x. – Daniel R Hicks Jan 3 '14 at 17:36

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