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I've got some Crosso panniers that have got quite a few holes in. I once fixed a drybag backpack with patches of leather and industrial strength glue which worked like a treat, but I've forgotten what glue it was (it came in a large tin and I spread it on with a knife)- it was in the textiles department at the uni I was studying in. Any advice / links / tricks would be great.

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Needle and thread. You can buy those and a small piece of "outdoor" fabric at a fabric store. –  Daniel R Hicks Jan 21 at 17:09
They are made of a plastic material so this method won't work. –  Andrew Welch Jan 21 at 17:10
Hard plastic or soft, pliable plastic? –  Daniel R Hicks Jan 21 at 17:11
You could try patches for an inflatable raft. Alternatively, take the bag to an outdoors shop and see what they'd recommend for patching similar materials. You can also duct tape in a patch of similar material as well. –  Batman Jan 21 at 18:24
ask in the DIY (hardware in USA) store for a glue that's suitable for plastic. –  Mark W Jan 22 at 11:53

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You could sew your own patches on using canvas and high-strength thread. They even sell kevlar thread that's useful for this type of thing.

If it were my panniers and I prefer strong-but-ugly, then I would cut up an old inner tube and use those as my patch materials. There's a very strong contact cement called Pliobond that you can use to glue pretty much any flexible material to another one.

You can even make your patches from leather (still using Pliobond) or canvas (ditto).

Or you can lame out and go to your local outdoor store that sells a broad variety of patch materials for backpacks and tents: http://www.rei.com/c/gear-repair

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If you have water proof panniers made of soft plastic, patches made for fixing holes in bike tubes are really great (depending on the size of the holes in the panniers of course).

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what about using old bits of bike tube or tyre? –  Andrew Welch Feb 17 at 13:18
@AndrewWelch tube patches are 2-component: one is on patch, other is the glue. For pieces of old tubes you will need a special glue. –  Papuass Feb 17 at 15:58

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