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Does anyone know of a stand alone ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) bridge device?

I have a Garmin Edge 810, which uses ANT+ ... but I would also like to track my rides on my iPhone 5S (which has BTLE, but ANT+ is a hassle).

I'm looking for a device that will correctly bridge ANT+ to BTLE so the iPhone will pick up the data as well as my 810.

I've tried the 4iiii Viiiva, but it doesn't work properly due to a proprietary protocol (or just lack of adoption by the app developers). I had high hopes for this device, but it can't provide accurate data (yet). http://www.geekyramblings.net/2013/12/03/viiiiva-hrm/

I know about the Wahoo RFLKT, but I don't need the display and would prefer something cheaper that I can stuff in my jersey pocket or seat bag.

I need something that will handle multiple devices at the same time without dropouts.

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What extra functionality do you get from tracking on two devices at once? The Garmin Edge 810 is a very high end device. What features does the iPhone offer that you feel the need to track on 2 separate devices. –  Kibbee May 7 at 19:26
Live tracking for one ... the ability to skip the manual upload after the ride is another. –  david May 8 at 18:27

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The Wahoo RFLKT+ is the only device on the market as far as I am aware (and I have looked).

As a BTLE user I can tell you you're better off with ANT+; I get far more sensor drops than my ANT+ co-riders.

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I think that what you are looking for is ANT+ sensor for you iPhone.

Unforunately this is also problematic; there are some products on marcet but they all are using "old" 30-pin iPhone connector. So you would need a 30-pin-to-lightning adatper like this.

Or you could just wait for lightning ANT+ sensor :/

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No, actually, I'm looking for a device that will properly bridge ANT+ to BTLE. I've already got an ANT+ 30 pin key that I use with my iPad and I could get an adapter to use the key with my iPhone 5S. My Viiiva HRM will bridge ANT+ to BTLE, but apps have to be specifically designed to handle the special data stream (few are). –  david Apr 7 at 12:58

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