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I just took my rear tire off of my mountain bike that has hydraulic disc breaks (elixer5). When I put the wheel back on and started peddling it made a clicking sound. At first I thought it was the spokes rubbing up against something (that's what it sounded like, some metal sound). I took the tire off again and took a good look at the disc brake pads, I saw a skinny metal "r" shaped thingy leaning out in the slot where the disc would fit. Is this where the clicking is coming from and if so how do I fix it? Please ask for any more information I couldn't think of for more clarification.

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A picture might help here as I can't see anything R shaped on the Elixir's I have in front of me. –  alex Apr 20 at 7:36
Hmm, perhaps its part of the spring separators? Have seen those sometimes go wonky with incorrect installation. –  deeviate May 6 at 7:21

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