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I recently took my bike to the shop, since it started making a weird metal on metal (not squeal, just hard brushing sound). After checking it out the saw that the back brake pads where really (REALLY) worn down, so they changed them.

Now my back is doing a really loud screechy sound when I use the back brakes, and the bike doesn't even stop that fast, I remember my back brakes being pretty strong, completely stopping the back wheel even if I was going fast. (of course if was going fast I would drift a little.. but the wheel was locked). Now it's making this loud sound and just kind of slowing me down.

I didn't know if this was normal.. but after reading a few question here like this, it seems like it is definitely not. (Fixing noisy V brakes)

Is this a legitimate reason to take the bike back to the shop and tell them there is something wrong with their work?


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I'm assuming Avid BB7 style brakes and not hydraulic. I wouldn't bring the bike back. If you are using skewers on your hub, remember that any slight mis-alignment of the wheel in the dropouts will affect brake disk squeal. Because the skewers are so easy to reset, as well as its pretty easy to turn the red adjustment knobs on the brakes you might discover this is something you want to understand how to 'adjust' yourself. With skewers on the axles and BB7 style brakes no tools required. You will have to understand the 1/3 alignment rule for that style brake.

Avid BB7 Brake Rotor alignment

If you have hydraulic brakes, and a non-adjust axle mount system that's a different story. Please do bring the bike back to the shop. It would be safer to have a pro look at the system to ensure everything is correct.

On the other hand, if you wanted the shop to teach you a thing or two about BB7 adjustment (1/3 alignment rule) and skewer use (how tight is should it be?), most shops would be happy to help you.

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it's a CrossTrail Sport Disk, so it is hydraulic brakes :/ I'm a bit scared of letting air in to the system and then the pistons not retracting, and having bleed it, which I don't know how to do :( –  Francisco Noriega Apr 25 at 6:32
the pads ARE like the look in the picture though, one being a lot closer to the rotor than the other one. –  Francisco Noriega Apr 25 at 6:32
You will have to understand the 1/3 alignment rule for that style brake, do you have external references for that? –  Carson Reinke Apr 30 at 16:58
One more element to check. If your hub wheel bearings get loose that will adversely affect the disc brake system. If you are not sure how to check for loose bearings, have your local bike shop show you . –  zipzit May 1 at 17:30

This isn't necessarily unusual for fresh disc pads.

Give it a solid 20 miles. Then if you still have problems coming to a stop, take it to the shop and have them look at it. Even still, it's not necessarily something wrong with their work. It might be, if they were clumsy and didn't align things properly or left oil on the pads. But a little noise isn't enough to convict them.

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Also, all brake pads are not created equal. Unless the OP asked for something specific, they probably used the cheapest generic pads they have. I find that using higher-end pads such as Kool-Stop is well worth the few extra bucks they cost. –  Carey Gregory Apr 25 at 4:25
It's a Specialized CrossTrail.. the original brakes are Trekto Draco, so I assume the pads would also be those.. which are higher end if I'm right? And yeah.. I didn't specify anything, and they cost me about 20 bucks.. but I don't know what brand they are :/ –  Francisco Noriega Apr 25 at 6:34
Ah yes, be sure to use good pads, don't assume the shop used nice ones. –  hillsons May 1 at 21:11

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