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I have an old wheelset with a 16T cog. It's currently a 120mm flipflop hub, and I'm going to be replacing it with a 120mm coaster. The coaster hub that I want doesn't come with a 16T cog (only 14, 15 and 17 for some reason).

Rather than mess around with chain tension, etc, I was wondering if I could just use the cog from the old wheelset on the new hub, or if it's more complicated than that.

More info: old hub is a 32H, 14G, 16T cog. New hub is a velosteel 32H http://www.elegantwheels.net/STORE.html

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can you tell use the model of the new hub. But I don't believe you can use it although most coaster hubs you can switch out the cog. I know you can on a strumey archer S2C –  Will May 8 at 18:59
As stated on that website, you can bolt on any 16t fixie/track cog on there. –  Batman May 8 at 23:49

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