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Does anybody have any actual experience with anti-theft GPS trackers like BikeSpy? Their website looks terribly unprofessional and there are only very few testimonies online, but the idea is intreaging. I am especially interested in hearing from people who have tried products like BikeSpy in the US, since they rely on cell phone networks.

  • Are there recurring costs?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • How difficult is it to remove the product with common tools?
  • How reliably does the unit report unauthorized movement?

I have found the following similar questions, but none of the answers seem to come from people who have actually used the products in question:

I have a good lock but live in a metropolitan area with ridiculously high rates of bicycle theft. I am not looking for an alternative for locking my bike, but for "insurance," in case my bike gets nicked.

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For Bikespy: (i) you need to purchase a phone SIM. You communicate with the thing (and it communicates back) using SMS messages so there will be a small ongoing cost in terms of top-ups. (ii) battery last 2-3 weeks between usb recharges. I dabbled with one of these a few years ago, but it never got as far as being put into the bike. –  PeteH May 14 at 8:01
One that's designed to charge off a hub dynamo would solve the most obvious problem with those. –  Mσᶎ Jun 27 at 3:57
I've never used one myself, but they seem awful expensive. As in, only worth the expense for a very pricy bike, which I would keep in my apartment, and then my office, and not on the street. –  Jason Aug 21 at 7:37

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