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I need a rear sprocket for a 1997 Joshua X1. Are they available anywhere? I live in North Carolina. If not does anyone buy the MTB for parts?

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Looks like it has a freehub and 7 speed shifters by default. So you just need a 7 speed Shimano cassette (note the difference between a cassette and freewheel), which you can find at your local bike shop pretty easily or online.

The default is a Shimano-compatible (made by Shimano, SRAM, IRD, etc.) 7 speed 11-30t cassette. Your LBS probably has some laying around - according to Sheldon Brown's site, that exact cassette is no longer made, but there are several other close ones like this.

You need some tools for replacing a cassette, so it might be cheaper (and it is like a 5 minute job) for your LBS to do it.

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