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Regarding the split pin that holds pads in place; does it have to be steel? Does anyone know a supplier of soft aluminum split pins?

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In its current form it will be hard to answer your question. We would at least need the manufacturer and model of the brakes, as different manufacturers use different ways to secure their pads. –  Benedikt Bauer May 29 at 16:42
It doesn't have to be steel, but the pin's purpose is to ensure brake pads will stay in place. It's a security device. If you believe that 0,5 grams of weight gain are worth risking your life if your brake pads fall, leaving you brakeless, then go ahead. Darwin awards are scheduled soon... :) –  LeRecycleurLyon May 29 at 16:46
Hi, it's just that when you change disk pads a soft aluminium pin is; 1) easier to bend 2) less prone to stress fracture after a couple of re-fits. This could not possibly have anything to do with saving a fraction of a gram and the comment about the Darwin Awards was utterly unnecessary. –  Mountain Man May 31 at 14:34

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