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Still using the HFX 9 - think they're pretty solid. Won't win any beauty contests for sure but they'll stop you dead when you need 'em.

Recently noticed that the right hand lever (rear brakes) had just lost a lot of "travel". i.e there is no longer much play between squeezing the levers to when the pads engage the discs. It does look like the lever isn't returning to its full extended limit after braking (feels like the return is lacking some spring push compared to the front brake levers).

Is there anything I can do to fix it, maybe change out the master cylinder or toss and replace the whole set (a little extreme yeah but them saint brakes sure looks sexy)?

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There are a couple of possibilities, the easiest would be that your reach adjustment is simply different from the other lever, it would be the easiest to "fix" and the first thing I'd check.

If that's not the case and the lever actually isn't returning out all the way, I'd try taking the mechanical parts of the lever apart, then cleaning and inspecting the spring. It's possible you just have enough gunk in there to retard the return from the spring, or that the spring is damaged.

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