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Today I have noticed that when I push the rear brake lever (hydraulic disc brakes) the rotor is a little bit bending , but it wasn't rubbing the caliper . I came to a conclusion that rotor is not centered in the caliper , and I tried to center it . I took the pads out , pushed the pistons , installed the pads back and even if I push the caliper all the way into the frame there is very little space between the inside pad and the rotor , and very big between the outside. How can I solve this problem so that the rotor stands right in the middle of the caliper , I think this will also improve the braking power. I though to put some spacers between the frame and the rear adapter , but I am not sure if it is a good idea or no.

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A picture here would help :) –  AliGibbs Jun 6 at 12:32
If you can avoid using spacers it's best to do so, but Shimano (used to?) make small spacers for this exact purpose. –  NuŃ– Jun 7 at 4:42

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