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I'm using a 21 speed bicycle,the problem is I'm unable to shift the chain to the smallest derailleur(rear)...the shifters are thumb press type there's no problem in pressing the shifter...when shifting to the toughest gear the chain shifts up to second smallest derailleur(rear)..when i press the shifter it's moving but the chain is unable to catch the smallest one...can't figure out the problem :(

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It sounds like you need to adjust your rear derailleur - the cable may have slipped a bit and have insufficient cable tension, or if you recently had a crash, you may have bent your derailleur.

I'd recommend reading this to learn how to adjust your derailleur.

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Thanks for your link...i think it helps but afraid of doing all that..i might add more to the problem :( –  seshu Jul 5 at 8:15
@seshu don't worry if you're afraid of touching it, do you have a bike shop you can go to? I'm sure they'll be happy to help. –  PeteH Jul 5 at 9:07
A bike shop should do this for a nominal fee. Of course, another option is the shifters are shot, but if its still clicking without too much force, I suspect that my post is still right. –  Batman Jul 5 at 14:15
Yeah..thanks for your suggestions #PeteH and #Batman 2...I'm going to visit a bike shop,if shifters were spoiled I'm in thought of replacing them what would be the cost of new shifters,the shifters mounted on my bike are shimano revo shifters... –  seshu Jul 5 at 16:38
Thats pretty market dependent. Revoshifters are the bottom of the barrel stuff though. –  Batman Jul 5 at 16:44

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