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I sustained a knee injury about a year ago and it's looking like I won't be biking anytime soon. I thought that a good alternative would be to get into hand cycling. I am having a hard time finding information on purchasing a hand bike.

To give information about my situation: I am still able to walk. So, I need a bike that would work for someone with legs. When I was able to cycle, I was biking 100 to 150 miles per week (occasionally more) and averaging about 18 mph. My rides would range from 20 miles up to a century. I see no reason why I wouldn't get into hand cycling enough to want to get up to that level again. Does anyone have any advice, help, or resources to offer to help me find a proper bike? Thanks.

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other than searching for handcycles, no. Be aware that you have much less power in your arms, so you're probably looking at 30-40 miles/week at 10mph, on a bike that costs $3000-$5000. –  Mσᶎ Jul 5 at 22:57
There are also wheelchairs. –  Batman Jul 6 at 1:11
I would suggest that you look around for some folks who use handcycles and seek their advice. In our community of about 80,000 souls there are several handcycle riders -- two that I know and several others they know & have told me about. I'm sure most would be glad to help you or to direct you to someone who would. –  Daniel R Hicks Jul 6 at 1:32
I created a handcycle tag; we've had a few questions about them by now. –  Neil Fein Aug 24 at 17:04

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