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Can you recommend high quality cycling-centric films? Can you recommend good sources (e.g. publishers, distributors, vendors etc.) to locate these films?

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IMO this question is too broad. For example, here is a 71 page forum thread with the same idea and many links: click. –  Vorac Jul 11 at 12:46
@Vorac, are you serious? Would it be specific enough if it was, "Are there any other good films about the Paris-Roubaix", for example? It's a good-natured question that's already garnered enthusiastic responses. Plus the forum you linked to is in Russian! –  headeronly Jul 11 at 12:52
@Vorac - question is deliberately broad. Personal recommendations across the whole gamut of film about cycling is what interests me. Question now edited for clarity. –  user12879 Jul 11 at 13:15
I agree that it is likely to be closed, though a great topic. Perhaps viable as a big-list type community wiki with one movie per answer. –  David Jul 11 at 20:16
Make it community wiki. It seems ideal for that. Each answer is one movie. –  Nuі Jul 12 at 1:31

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A few of my guilty pleasures:



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+1 for Belleville Rendezvous –  Emyr Jul 11 at 9:38
Innart! It's fantastic! –  headeronly Jul 11 at 9:39

Old but still worthwhile: Breaking Away.

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Yeah, that was the first one to come to my mind. –  Daniel R Hicks Jul 11 at 15:07
@DanielRHicks: Yeah, I was a bit surprised it wasn't pretty much the first one to be mentioned... –  Jerry Coffin Jul 11 at 15:08
Much of it is antiquated, of course, but it reflects "real" competitive cycling representative of the era, and just technical enough to interest bikies while not driving away other viewers. –  Daniel R Hicks Jul 11 at 15:15

Because I'm a mountain bike guy, and I think the stories and shots are way more interesting (sorry roadies):

And of course all the old-school freeride films like Kranked.

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The Sufferfest offer motivational/training videos.

Also, Bromley Video in the UK has lots of DVDs, books, videos etc. of all things cycling - grand tours, races, bios, documentaries, dramatisations. Not particularly cheap but the best selection I've seen in a single place, also some of the DVDs are self-produced so I'd imagine are unavailable elsewhere. I think they also have an eBay outlet, you may find some things cheaper on there.

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Great bicycle movies

  1. Top Five Cycling Films of All Time
  2. 9 Cycling Movies You Can't Miss
  3. 10 Best Cycling Movies Ever


Best Bicycle Movie Scenes

All bicycle movies

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Bicycle Universe
  3. IMDB 1
  4. IMDB 2
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Can you provide the titles instead of the bare links? –  Peter Mortensen Jul 11 at 13:03
The links have pictures and plot, I wouldn't spend time on this. But you can copy-paste them if you want... –  olee22 Jul 11 at 13:35
wikipedia link is great, lists a lot of titles I've never heard of. –  Benzo Jul 11 at 15:28
Link only answers are not really what SE is about. Links are good but answers should at least provide a summary of the content of the link. –  mattnz Jul 12 at 5:58
@Aaron Thanks for the edits with the links. –  olee22 Jul 12 at 7:22

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