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A quite basic question; what's the widest tire that can be fitted to a Cannondale Bad Boy 6, 2014 (with a rigid Fatty fork)? Would a pair of studded 40mm tyres (Suomi Tyres W240, 40-622) fit?

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You'd have to test it out - theres enough variation in tires (esp. studded tires) for two tires to be marked the same size and one fit and one not fit.

This thread indicates that for an older Bad Boy with rigid fork was able to clear a 47 mm tire (which looks to be the largest possible), so I'd guess the answer is yes, but YMMV.

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Just because he got 47 mm on the bike does not mean there is enough clearance to ride it that way. – Frisbee Jun 13 at 16:25
He says he has 3 mm clearance in that thread. With a 40 mm tire that OP wanted, even studded, should be pretty good. – Batman Jun 14 at 2:26
3 mm is enough to deal with wheel and frame flex? – Frisbee Jun 14 at 5:57
It's going to be well bigger than 3 mm with a 40 mm tire than 47 mm tire. I prefer much bigger tire clearances in general. – Batman Jun 17 at 19:10

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