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I have a 2010 SRAM Red 10 speed groupset on my bike, and I have just changed the front crankset to the latest SRAM Red 22 compact; I will also add a new KMC KMC X10SL chain.

The Front derailleur no longer shifts the chain off the large and small properly so I have also ordered a SRAM Red 22 YAW front derailleur to fix this problem.

My big question is this: will I now have issues with the rear PG1090 cassette? Should I buy a new 11 speed cassette, shifters, chain, and rear derailleur to bring everything up to snuff or will the front derailleur be the end of my problems?

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I suspect somewhere closer to the former than the latter to be honest. Strictly speaking everything in the group should be 11-speed. In the past people have got away with interchanging, say, 9- and 10- speed parts, but with 11-speed the tolerances are smaller still. – PeteH Aug 3 '14 at 10:43
You need a 11 speed chain if you have 11 speed components in your drive train, but likely if you want to go 11 speed everything should be 11 speed. – Batman Aug 3 '14 at 16:31

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