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I use a trainer at home. It works quiet. But living in an apartment I would like to make it work quieter. What can I do to minimize noise of a trainer?

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I put on a set of headphone and crank up the music :-) seriously, my trainer is a fan blade type and it is very noisy like turbine wheels spinning at high speed. I don't think it cause by the tire noise. – user9104 Jan 21 '14 at 18:44
I have the Giant Cycltron Auto trainer and it is also very noisy. However, it is not always noisy. While using it for a half hour, for example, it might start out loud and then quiet down or vice-versa. The tires are smooth and don't make noise spinning off the trainer and the trainer doesn't make noise when I spin the resistance mechanism by itself. I'm baffled. – Brendon May 23 at 21:41
Hi and welcome to This appears to be a new question posted as an answer, please use the "ask question" link to ask. Or possibly it's just an anecdote, in which case ... StackExchange is a question and answer site, not a chat forum, so your anecdote is likely to be deleted. If you'd like to ask a related but different question, please delete your answer and post a new question. – Móż May 23 at 21:44
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Baffling - place it on carpet or a rug (and several towels), this will both stop vibration through the floor and catch the drips of sweat.

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I picked up a set of interlocking rubber tiles (for gym equipment) at Home Depot to put under my trainer and bike. They help with the vibration although I find it's still quite loud.

It also helps having neighbours that are noisier than me, they can't really complain about the bike.

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+1 - it helps having neighbors noiser than me - I'm in college and my apartment is near all the frats, which means I can do pretty much anything at any time of night without anyone really caring. Trainer at 2 a.m.? Paint the walls at midnight? Rock out at night? Not a problem – crasic Jun 21 '11 at 3:21

There are tires ( made specifically for the trainer. They use a different rubber compound that will minimize wear and contact noise. It won't help with the mechanical side of the trainer though.

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Can you tell us more about these? I can't find the tires on this site. – Neil Fein Jun 20 '11 at 19:19

As Zenbike says... Much of the noise is generated by the tires. Any smooth harder-compound "slick" is going to be quieter than a tread with a lot of pattern.

The one I have now, a Minoura, is decently quiet. I can't hear it over the TV. However, my previous item generated a high-pitched buzz that was quite annoying.

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Aside from dampening it (foams) or switching to trainer specific tires (which will also last longer, like the Continental Hometrainer), the type of trainer plays a big part. You can have a fan, something thats magnetic , fluid, etc. - the fluid trainers tend to be quieter than the ones which are fans, for example. Even within the same class, some models may be quieter than others. So, you may be able to get quieter operation by appropriate trainer selection.

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I cut up some egg crate foam and used it to line a cardboard box that has a large 6 inch wide slit in it for my tire and just put the box over my trainer. This worked extremely well, you just have to be sure to secure everything well so that nothing gets in the way of the trainer and tire.

You can also get thick styrofoam insulation sheets at Home Depot and fashion a box with appropriate slots for wheel and trainer stand. There is special glue to glue the joints of the box together.

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