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I am looking for different types of lubricants, chains, small metal parts such as a Tubus rack-hinge and just small things that wear easily off -- so-called consumables. I am fed up to high prices locally, usually better to buy new stuff, reusing to the dogs. Which online shopping sites do you use for your small consumables?

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Please remember that if you are buying "cheap" that you (or we) are probably paying full price somewhere down the line. I don't doubt that someone somewhere is charging too much for a Tubus rack-hinge. I also realize, though, that such an object has a cost of manufacture and some price must be charged in order to keep the dealer and the manufactuerer in business. If you are getting it online for some ridiculous low-price, it may be a knock-off manufactuered in some place where they treat their workers and OUR environment like snot. It also may be stolen or just plain low-quality junk. – DC_CARR Feb 9 '11 at 17:17
Just research more than price and type of object is all I'm saying. – DC_CARR Feb 9 '11 at 17:18
DC_CARR: stop patronizing. Low-cost does not need to have anything to do with quality or ethics. My favorite LBS is a basement-shop not in city. No glossy pling-pling facade, no adverts, boss has instant talkie-talkie to workers, honest replies to price inquiries such as "product Z 10EUR more expensive than in X-shop because we don't recommend it", no small-talk-shit with customers and known freight dates. Similarly to controlling location, time, spam-advert and other things, he controls the costs to customers. Loyal bonds between workers/customers because focus only on their love: bikes. – user652 Feb 11 '11 at 19:18
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For small consumables I tend to use the same places as for the large ones: if I'm going online it will be mainly to Wiggle or Chain Reaction (I'm UK-based, so these might not ship or be as competitively priced in other locales).

I do try and support my LBS, though, even if they're more expensive: better to pay 10% more and have the option of a well-stocked, local physical shop for urgent needs (or a slow chat) than save a bit of cash but left up a tree in the next emergency, but sometimes online savings are just too much to ignore ...

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wiggle do free international shipping if you spend about $100 – mgb Feb 9 '11 at 20:08 (they have everything it seems)

I will also use a "shopping bot" like Google Shopping if I know the exact brand of what I am looking for. It will often find deals from online shops that I didn't even know about.

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