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I recently purchased some vintage 6-speed Shimano 600 downtube shifters. The package came with all the parts in a ziploc bag and it looks a bit bewildering. Any idea where I can find an installation diagram for this assembly?

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Originally these levers came with three parts per side - the concave bit that goes on the downtube, the lever and the screw to hold it all together. The concave bit only goes on one way - turn them 180 degrees if it is not screwing together. And that should be it, see:

But you have them in pieces. You need these instructions:

The way they are set up is:

  1. Chrome concave plastic piece goes on first, concave side toward frame, Flat side faces out
  2. Brass washer
  3. Thin steal washer, 2 little protrusions toward frame, Make sure not to bracket the 2 little protrusions between the little metal tab on frame. Things won't fit or shift if you do this. The tab on the frame is a stop for the lever.
  4. Shift lever, Make sure the tab on the inside of the lever goes in the notch between the 2 little protrusions
  5. Relatively thick rubber\metal washer. Metal side faces frame
  6. screw

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The Shimano Techdocs site has installation manuals and exploded diagrams of Shimano components. While it's possible your shifters may not be on the site, you can probably find a set that's similar enough.

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