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Anyone ever use these? I'm getting these as stock on my next bike (700 x 25 on a 2012 Secteur Sport). I've been using Continental GP 4000s for years and love them. Will they be a step down or is it a good tire?

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Welcome to Bicycles! Could you be more specific? Are you more concerned about speed (rolling resistance, air resistance, weight, etc), durability, comfort, traction, turning, ... ? – freiheit Dec 5 '11 at 17:45
I would be most concerned with rolling resistance, handling, puncture resistance and road feel. I only ride on dry pavement. – Mild Stallion Dec 7 '11 at 19:34

If you're getting the bike from a physical store, ask them what the cost differential would be for going with the Continental GP 4000s. They can always resell the stock tires assuming you haven't ridden the bike yet, although they may not be able to sell them as new (possibly sell them as "open box"). I never understood why bikes come without pedals (bike of a certain calibre anyway), but they just include tires like people have absolutely no preference. Tires tend to be one of the things that people are the most finicky and religious about, yet you almost never see a bike sold without tires, unless you are at the point where you buy frame and wheels separately.

This doesn't answer which one is better, but gives you an option for getting the tires you are used to. The LBS should be understanding an accommodate you if you want something that isn't stock on the bike.

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It didn't occur to me to ask my LBS to put on the Continentals. The next time I am there I will ask them about it. – Mild Stallion Dec 7 '11 at 19:35

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