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A friend gave me a carbon set of campag record 9 speed ergos. I would love to convert the 9 to 10 Speed and I understand it is possible. I have read that some dealers will do it but the cost is almost same as new set of levers. Has anybody done it and was it difficult?

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It is not too difficult to rebuild campy leavers - although a extra set of hands can be handy for one of the steps where you need to hold a spring in position (there is a trick to it). You can get the parts if you ask around local shops or online and you can convert from 8 to 9 to 10 speed provided the internals are the same type - you should be OK as you have the 9 speed ones, 10 speed and up may different. The G springs were about $10 when I last braught a set and I have seen the cam/ratchet part online for arount $50 - but that was a while ago, and in Australia.

Look up the book "zin and the art of road bike maintaince" or rebuilding ergoleavers section on (right at the bottom). On the campagnolo website there are manuals that include exploaded diagrams of all their components and part numbers, and when I last looked had the ergo leavers had listed the part numbers you need to change the number of speeds.

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