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I didn't know any better and I let degreaser drip into the freewheel body of my Shimano FH-RM65. Now it makes a terrible retching noise when it rotates.

How do I clean the inside of this thing?

Shimano FH-RM65 Y-3CT 98040 Complete Freewheel body with Right Hand Dust Cap

Shimano FH-RM65 Y-3CT 98040 Complete Freewheel body with Right Hand Dust Cap

I'm afraid to put load on it until it sounds quiet and happy again.

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That particular Shimano freehub can be disassembled, but it is quite a job to get it back together afterward. There are around 80 2mm bearings in two different locations in the freehub, and a skilled and practiced mechanic has roughly a 60% chance of opening without losing parts, and successfully getting it back together.

The good news is, there is a tool to lubricate the inside of a freehub, without disassembling it. It's called a Freehub Buddy.

Freehub Buddy

The photo shows the Freehub buddy, next to a freehub with a cutaway so you can see the rows of bearings I mentioned earlier, a tube of soup lube, and 2 new reusable seals.

It's made by Morningstar tools, and works very well. You will also need the proper lubricant, and new exterior seals for the freehub. Both can be purchased from Morningstar tools as well.

The other option is to simply replace the freehub, which should be readily available at your LBS, for about $20.

I hope that helps.

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