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Is it possible to replace a compact 50T chainring from my Sram Force set-up with a 50T Red chainring, they both have the same 110 PCD so I don't see a problem, does anyone know if I'm wrong?


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It is possible, as long as you use the SRAM Red Black Edition 2011 or earlier.

The new 2012 Exogram SRAM Red requires a different front derailleur design, and while it will physically bolt up, it won't shift well at all.

Any other SRAM compact (110 BCD) chain ring will work fine.

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If the BCD is the same size and the tooth count is the same there should be no problem at all.

Take care to not strip the chainring bolts when reassembling. I generally tighten these in a "skip one" pattern, like you might when changing a wheel on a car.

If you change tooth count you will have to retune the drive train, but usually this is pretty straight forward as long as the front derailleur can be adjusted correctly.

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