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I'd like to get some quality prescription sunglasses for cycling. Can anyone make some suggestions on a brand they like?

Thanks very much.

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Your question may be a duplicate. –  user313 May 25 '12 at 22:38
This one and here. Personally, I am using Rudy Project currently, but have also used Bolle and Oakley. Also, my preference is to wear contacts and not use prescriptive glasses; as it's cheaper to not have to replace the lenses on the eyewear. –  user313 May 25 '12 at 22:44

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I love my Oakley Fives.


  • The frames are relatively cheap
  • They're very light and comfortable to ride in
  • They provide good coverage and keep out dust/grime and breeze
  • The arms are designed to detach when under pressure rather than break
  • I think they look good

I have transition lenses and they are fantastic. I never have to worry about changing lenses or having the wrong tint. I just chuck them on and go and they're always spot on.

enter image description here

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+1 I have those too –  dotjoe May 26 '12 at 16:14

I found that almost every Spy sunglass model can be made into an Rx lens. No insert, which i really like since inserts can be too close to my eyes, or fog too quickly.

i use the Spy Logan which is a full wrap. The breathe well, and fit by large head. They are pretty affordable, and took the prescription well.

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I've been wearing Wiley X Airrage with Transitions® (photo sensitive) lenses for cycling, shooting, offroading in my topless Land-Rover, Burning Man (dust storms in the Black Rock Desert) and as general purpose safety glasses when working in the shop. The Airrage features removable gaskets (great for dusty conditions and my allergy season), a removable headband. and a curved "wrap around" frame that fits my face well. Wiley X offers a number of styles to suit individual needs and preferences.

(My avatar happens to be a photo taken at Burning Man after a full day of dust storms. Unfortunately, I didn't have the Wiley X's that year.)

image of Wiley X Airrage

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