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I ride these pedals:

Crank Brothers eggbeater pedal

which came with these cleats:

Stock crank brothers eggbeater cleat

Now I see that Crank Brothers are selling their "Premium" cleat:

enter image description here

I'm ready to replace my cleats. Is the premium cleat compatible with my pedal, or do I need to stick to the earlier style? Do the 'wings' on the original cleat offer something that I need?

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To directly answer your question, yes, the Crank Bros Premium Cleat is the one you want.

Per their webiste - compatibility: eggbeater, candy, smarty, acid, mallet ( )

Some good FAQ on these from Crank Bros:

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The cleats and pedals I have look just like yours, except more used. I love them. I've used egg beaters on all my bikes for the last 5 years or so. They shed dirt, they're easy and quiet to clip in and out, and except for one broken spring on an older pair, really reliable.

enter image description here

(FYI, some of the older eggbeaters didn't have wrench flats. The ones in your picture do, but check before buying.)

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Premium cleats are a harder material, and will last longer than the cheaper brass cleats.

both fit the same, and both offer the 15 or 20 degree float option based on mount position.

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