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Does anyone know if any of the popular iPhone ANT+ bicycling apps have the ability to import a GPS track?

I'd like to start exploring some of the local trails/routes a bit - I've got .gpx tracks for some, but don't know of any iPhone apps that will both allow the import of the file AND feature any sort of ANT+ tie-in. I normally use digifit with speed/cadence and HRM sensors... I've got a GPS track of where I AM, but really wish there were some sort of approximate "turn by turn" for following some of the trails/routes, especially the urban ones that are not clearly marked.

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I use Motion-X as my tracking app and it can certainly import GPX and then navigate from it. It supports some ANT+ (at least HRM).

Additionally the OpenStreetMap wiki has a good list of iOS apps comparing their functionality.

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You can do it with cyclemeter directly from safari or email within your iphone.

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I use this application when I cycle. You can e-mail the .gpx file to yourself as an attachment of as a url. – Ambo100 May 29 '12 at 19:47

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