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I have a RS Revelation dual air fork. It's new, never used before. I installed it and after a few days I noticed, that it loses air. Maybe 20-30 psi over night. So at morning it's just too soft and have a sag around 40% (way too much). Air leask from both positive and negative chambers.

Is it normal for this fork or should I check any specific parts of this fork? Please note, that there's no RS service center in my city or anywhere nearby and I would prefer to fix problems (if any) by myself.

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If it's brand new, send it back to be repaired under warranty. They shouldn't be doing that! – Olly Hodgson Jun 21 '12 at 13:35
Are you setting it to the recommended PSI for your weight and sag? It's possible if you are over inflating that its maxed out and leaking. – Matt Adams Jul 12 '12 at 19:22

I have never had experience with an RS Revelation fork, but you might find this forum post useful. Common solutions seem to be taking the fork apart, cleaning, and re-oiling the o-rings. Good luck!

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Well, I've found this technical manual for RS Revelation 2011 to be extremely usrfull. I removed lower legs and relubricated dual air spring. Everything is simple enough if you have appropriate tools.

I should note that grease in air spring was very strange: it was partly liquid and partly it still was viscous. Anyway, I removed all of this grease and applied new to o-rings and top-cap thread. By now (2 to 3 weeks later) fork didn't lose any significant amount of pressure anymore, so that worked fine.

Please note that you will need to add 5 to 8ml (it's maximum) of 5w fork oil to lower legs. (I used 10w fork oil for this purpose and didn't feel any difference) And if you want to service your damper cartridge you will need 123ml 15w fork oil for Motion Control cartridge, and 133ml 15w fork oil for BlackBox cartridge.

And here's a link to page, where you can find all technical manuals for Revelation forks.

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