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Just the act of rolling up your pant leg one or two times usually covers the problem of it getting caught in the gears. I've also resorted to tucking it into my socks. It seems silly to buy clamps and devices when these two "free" options are available. Nice that it's enough of an issue that it's being brought up online. When I started mountain biking, ...


You need to figure if the chain is falling off the right, the left, or sliding forwards over the teeth. And at which end the sliding happens. Replacing the chain is a good idea, but if its been left too long then the teeth on the cassette can be worn to fit it. At extreme cases the chainrings can also wear with the chain. Most good bike shops will ...


Clearly this post is in regards to a newer Schwinn rather than the originals from the '50s and '60s, as the latter were all equipped with Sturmey Archer internal-gear hubs. Searching for "Jaguar" on the Schwinn website yielded nothing so apparently Jaguars aren't manufactured anymore. Getting a little more desperate, I consulted the Walmart website and ...


yes it will work. I tested it already. 6/7/8 speed chains are all the same width. so meaning. the cassette's width is the same too.

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