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Not to confuse anyone, but we at North St. Bags also make a second convertible pannier backpack, the Route 9. This bag is designed as more of a long haul touring option with less frequent on and off transition than that of our other bag, the Woodward Convertible. Depending on the nature and length of your ride, you may prefer one design over the other. But ...


I would suggest the Woodward Convertible from North St. Bags. To be fair, I work for them, but given the nature of your inquiry and the tasks you're looking to achieve, this product is perfect. We've designed the Woodward to work well both on and off the bike and we have worked hard to make the transition process easy and quick.


Lots of good advice so far, here are my tips. Glasses - I'm lucky enough to live somewhere with a lot of sunlight, so sunglasses are essential. But, even if you don't need sun protection, clear or yellow glasses will protect your eyes from bugs, grit and other foreign objects. (Try stopping safely when you've been blinded by something coming off the road ...

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