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First of all rasp the edges of the frame so it won't do it again Then spray some coat on it. It's fine.


If it's a steel frame some people recommend heating up the seat tube (LIGHTLY) to expand the metal and then try and wiggle the post out but that seemed like too much effort to me. When I got a seatpost stuck in a frame I went to an auto garage and put the frame in a vice. Then used their pneumatic air chisel on the seatpost and it came flying out in ...


Sheldon Brown has a thorough article about stuck seat posts. http://sheldonbrown.com/stuck-seatposts.html Thick soled shoes might also work, if the saddle isn't that much too high.


You still may want an inline adjuster, but if you don't have it, here's the procedure I use (I don't use one): Disconnect cable from front derailleur Shift to small ring, large cog Adjust the lower limit screw to put 1mm of clearance between chain and inner cage. Turn the lower limit screw CW 1/2 turn (pushes cage further from chain) Reattach cable and ...


If there's no barrel adjuster, then you'll need one installed. Ask LBS to do that or do it yourself: Get an inline barrel adjuster and two 4mm ferrules. These are pretty cheap. Get tools to cut cable housing. Make sure there is enough shifting cable left to accomodate extra 3-4 centimeters added by adjuster. If it's too short, get a new cable. Detach cable ...

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